Naughty Cakes Naughty Cakes AbsTheme Cake - Stagette/Bridal Shower 3D carved torso cake with fondant icing and details 47707334 Sexy Lingerie Bachelorette Cake Marble Swirl cake with Fondant and Buttercream lace. 52892203 3D Toilet Cake 40th Birthday 125361031 Lady Bum Cake 3D Lady's bottom cake. 159915069 Speedo and Abs Cake 3D torso cake 128719805 Sexy Lingerie Bachelorette Party 3D Cake 61075870 Lady Bum Cake 160039679 Finally Legal Birthday Cake 173402515 3D Abs Cake 161845640 Champagne Birthday Brotha 173687423 Bare Naked Lady Birthday Cake 175421226 Abs Graduation Cake 3D Abs made with Red velvet cake and fondant icing and decorations 178923701 Jamaican Theme 3D Abs Cake 181941266 181947498 3D Lady Bum Thong cake 181947499 3D Boobie Cake 198460529 3D Boobie Cake Celtics football theme, 40th Birthday. 198953424