Corporate Cakes Corporate Cakes Delta Guelph 1st Anniversary Cake 2 Layer Vanilla cake with Mixed Berry Butter Cream Filling 25425419 Tim Hortons Retirement Party Cake 38913934 Corporate Cake - Conference 57019953 Retirement Party Cake - Office Memo French vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling and edible image of an office memo on top. (serves 100+ guests) 52185254 Corporate Cake - Celebrating 10 Years 57019954 Alltech 30th Anniversary Chocolate fudge cake with buttercream and fondant decorations. 65672344 100349832 Corporate Christmas Cake 2 Layer French Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Fudge filling. Decorated in Fondant Construction Hat & Co. Logo with fondant & buttercream Christmas decorations. 62291754 Grand River Hospital "Job Well Done!" Celebration 2 Layer White chocolate cake with a white chocolate buttercream filling and a Chocolate buttercream icing. 62413265 OMAFRA Corporate Cake French Vanilla Cake with berry buttercream filling and chocolate buttercream icing. Corporate design done in cut fondant. 71201410 TD Bank Corporate Celebration Cake 68240494 Melitron 15th Anniversary Celebration Cake 72362624 Flamborough Sabres Hockey Celebration Cake Sabres logo hand-painted on fondant. 78864550 Retirement Celebration Cake 42434746 Toyota RAV4 3D cake Toyota Rav4 carved from French vanilla cake, with fondant icing and decorations. 81930344 Bank opening Celebration cakes 89362102 Excellent Safety Record Celebration 99783116 We Survived Reno/Under Construction Cake Marble swirl cake with fondant reno / under construction details. 101193579 Celebrating 1,000,000 Trees Planted 101427842 Corporate Anniversary Cake 2 tiered cake with fondant icing, and sculpted fondant air plane topper 103033566 50th Anniversary Celebration NSGA Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate & vanilla buttercream icing and sculpted fondant people. 109963588 Corporate Cupcakes with Cobra Toppers 115130468 Capital Paving Corporate Cake Lemon and deep chocolate fudge cakes, with vanilla buttercream filling and fondant icing. Logos in cut fondant, and hand-painted fondant details around the sides. 117853503 Retirement Party Cake 2 tiered French vanilla and chocolate fudge cakes with scroll piping decorations. 121455706 126514924 128720135 Great Safety Record Celebration 128720136 Inns Magazine 15th Anniversary Cake 144795963 35th Corporate Anniversary cake 131794431 Canadian Tire Theme French Vanilla cake with dolce de leche filling. 136678123 142357824 50th Corporate Birthday 142357823 Happy Retirement Celebration 142868345 Retirement Celebration Cake 142868346 Colourful Christmas Cupcakes Christmas party cupcakes in a variety of flavours, colours, and toppers. 145744402 Volkswagen Themed Cake 148587914 NSGA Celebration Cake 159749986 Earth Day Celebration Cake 159749987 125362611 West Jet Celebration Cake With edible 3D WestJet plane 197297818 Wellington County Celebrating 50 Years Cake 159749988 Double Retirement Cake 159330139 University of Guelph Cake PSA Celebrating 30 Years 157724827 @ Home Corporate BBQ Cake 157724828 159947272 25 Year Anniversary Cake 159947273 159947243 Ontario Hydro Retirement Cake 159947949 30 Years Anniversary Cake 161108659 DEKALB 100th Anniversary 3D Cakes 3D bushel baskets made of cake, with fondant icing and details, with delicious, faux edible corn & soy beans, combined with 2 more Dekalb themed cakes. 166832337 Mazda Canada 25th Anniversary Cake 2 tiered present cakes decorated with fondant bow, ribbons and Mazda gift tag 166832338 Turtleshell Studio Celebration Cake 166832339 Heart Gallery of Canada Event Cake & Cookies 169118902 170190862 NAS Canada Congratulations Cake Marble swirl cake with NAS Canada Inc. logo on top. 171585629 20th Anniversary - No Frills 172859829 College of Veterinarians of Ontario Cupcakes 174077313 Guelph Classic Symposium Cake Celebrating the 2013 annual Symposium. 175687654 We'll Miss you! Cake 175688241 176728410 Flynn Fitness 100 Day Challenge Cake 178928388 Good Luck Corporate Cake 201163977 3D Shipping Box Cake 181939713 3D Ornge Helicopter Cake 181939714 CoOperators Baby Shower Cupcakes Square cupcakes decorated in pink, blue, purple and green buttercream icing, and topped with baby themed fondant toppers. 181939447 Best Wishes Cake 181946833 Best Employers Corporate Cake 187498736 20th Anniversary Celebration Cake 187498737 Alice In Wonderland Eat Me Mini Cupcakes For a Fusion Homes special event 188295403 Best Wishes Cake With Gerber daisies in hot pink and orange 189200328 3D Blackberry Cell Phone Retirement Cake Broken & Beaten cell phone cake 192101852 Tim Hortons 50th Anniversary Cupcakes 192560750 OAC Guelph 140th Birthday Cake OAC Celebrating 140 years and Open House. 193598973 City Of Guelph Celebration Cakes 196116902 Retirement Cake French vanilla cake with chocolate Kahlua buttercream filling and chocolate buttercream icing. 196135192 U of G Ontario Farmland Trust 10th Anniversary Cake Decorated with buttercream icing in an arial view of farmland design. 196575048 3D Stack of Books Celebrating the publishing of her second edition book. 196575049 Christmas Party Cake Decorated with buttercream icing and buttercream wreath design with fondant holly accents. 196794017 Grain Farmers of Ontario 5th Anniversary Cake Decorated with hand cut fondant to recreate the Grain Farmers of Ontario logo. This cake was 24" round. 197045952 We'll Miss You! Farewell cake 197427546 Melitron 20th Year Anniversary Cake 197950160 Corporate Celebration Cake 197950161 Kool 105.3 Cake 198460479 Our Lady of Lourdes Crusader Country Cake 198598068 Retirement Cake 198598032 Celebrating 10 Years a Geosyntec 199707946 Grain Farmers of Ontario Celebration Cake 199771109 We'll Miss You! Corporate Cake 199916220 Children's Foundation Cookies 201989066 University of Guelph Go Green Celebration Cupcakes Lemon cupcakes decorated in in green and yellow zesty lemon buttercream icing. 201989253 Corporate BBQ Cake 204024034 UPI Energy Corporate Celebration Cake 204305328